Wifey Cums Early


Wifey Cums EarlyWifey Cums EarlyWifey Cums EarlyWifey Cums EarlyWifey Cums Early
How many times has this already happened to you? Youre home alone when your wife goes out and you decide to get in some quality time by yourself checking out some hot new VR porn when all of a sudden she comes back early and catches you mid-stroke?! Some wives get annoyed or even get angry and start yelling at you about jerking off. They play the guilt card saying you should have went out with them to run their silly errands or go visit your sister in law instead. Fuck that! What you need is a wife like Angel Wicky! A girl who understands that if you are jerking off every time she goes out, it’s obviously her fault for failing to take good enough care of your cock while she was at home! Watch Angel rectify that fact by having you cram your cock balls deep in her asshole until you are unsure if you’ll ever be able to gape her ass loose enough for your dick to find its way out again. She may not be greedy the way other wives can often be, but her holes are definitely the greediest you’ll ever see. Whether you are fucking her mouth, pussy or ass, she always seems to be thinking about what she can do for you next. It’s exhilarating to fuck a pretty gal who is only thinking about you, the entire time you are inside her. Ms. Wicky isn’t wondering when you’ll take her to a fancy restaurant, or holding back until you beg her to blow you on your birthday. On the contrary, this blonde beauty is all about putting out every time she can, because she fully understands that if she ever fails to drain your dick completely, you’ll be jerking off any time she goes out by herself… and that’s not far from the moment you start cheating on her with other girls capable of making you cum as often as is necessary to keep you coming back for more. In this VR porn video, Wifey Cums Early to the house and she makes sure you cum harder than ever so that you decide not to change the locks so she can keep coming home again and again in the future!
Wifey Cums Early
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:01

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Angel Wicky

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