Size Does Matter


Size Does MatterSize Does MatterSize Does MatterSize Does MatterSize Does Matter
Lots of girls claim size does not matter, but Paola Mike does not think that way. The bigger the penis, the better the experience, and that is exactly why every single one of our performers is equipped with a bad-ass dick to satisfy the sexiest woman on the planet working in our Virtual Reality Porn movies! In this VR Pornvideo, Paola becomes a size queen who gets off so much harder with a huge thick dick deep inside her. It is quite ironic actually, since she herself is one of the tightest pussies in the business, but she could never stop herself from pushing the biggest cocks around to her cramped vagina, even though it could hurt her a little from time to time. Additionally, that is exactly why she can be seen with atape measure to double-check the size of the dick her new boyfriend is offering, because she will not be satisfied with some tiny or even a regular one, and her needs are beyond these of all regular women – that is not that surprising, actually, since indeed she is not another vanilla girl, but an exclusive VR Porn star! If a potential mate comes in too small, she looks through her little black book and finds someone else pretty quickly – as you may know, girl with such beauty can always find another donger for herself in no time at all. Lucky for skinny Paola, you are packing the kind of cock she craves and she is ready to show you just how thrilled she is to finally find one that fits! Watch her being stuffed to the very end in this Virtual Reality Porn video, and feel like you have been there with her using your VR goggles right here and right now in 4K Ultra High Definition!
Size Does Matter
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:00

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Paola Mike

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