Have you ever had this sexy older lady in your neighborhood that everyone wanted to fuck? Perhaps it was someone’s mom whose lawn you loved to mow, because any signs of her appreciation were giving you long and hard boners when you were going to bed. Or maybe she was that hot divorcee that has been having a lot of fun with younger dudes and you were counting that one day you could be one of her lovers as well. In this VR Porn movie you have done something really stupid and you deserve a punishment from one of such goddesses – and since she has a lonely daughter now, she wants to kill two birds with one stone: discipline you and finally get her offspring to fuck someone. This is your sexual penalty (or a sex-tention as we called it in the title) and you have to behave while those two hotties will be riding on your dick simultaneously until they are both satisfied. The younger one, Mashiro Airi is still learning, but her slutty red skirt has already worked on your imagination and you do not have anything against her trying out on you, as she has inherited her mother’s genes and is sexy as fuck! Her mother, Aizawa Haruka, will be there all the time to lead her sibling and oversee your sanction – such Japanese MILFs are very precise and careful so nothing should escape her attention and you have no other choice than to follow her lead. Next time, you will think before doing such a… Wait, what?! No way! This Virtual Reality Porn scene is a fantasy of every man loving Asian vixens, so if you will ever have an opportunity to get this injunction again, you will go straight for it to experience this VR porn fantasy one more time!
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:02

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Aizawa Haruka / Mashiro Airi

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