Serviced Like a Samurai


Serviced Like a SamuraiServiced Like a SamuraiServiced Like a SamuraiServiced Like a SamuraiServiced Like a Samurai
VR Bangers strikes again with yet another hot Japanese VR Porn movie. Today you are going to be serviced like a real samurai by a sexy geisha Mashiro Airi, who will do everything to show you her oriental culture in the best possible light. Have you seen any samurai movie in the past? If not, then the surprise while watching this Virtual Reality Porn film will be even bigger, as you will learn how those men were treated centuries ago by their humble and devoted women. Maybe you are not a legendary warrior with epic katana and following the mysterious ways of honorable bushido, but you are a VR Bangers member and indeed you deserve some respect and appreciation. Airi will do everything to honor you and your hard cock today, as she is wearing her best black lingerie set that is the second best thing that she could be having on her – the first one naturally would be your hot jizz! This is one of our longest movies, as the girl really wants to fulfill all your dreams, desires and fantasies, so you should probably take your time, wear your VR headset and relax while watching this VR Porn scene. She will work on you until you are fully satisfied and even let you cum inside her juicy pussy, to give her an epic creampie and watch your hot load run down on her butt cheeks. If anything new comes up to your mind, simply ask her and she will not hesitate to do whatever her master asks, as she has been trained by her ancestors to do so. This is probably one of the many reasons why Japan was so successful at wars in the past – their fighters were always satisfied and relaxed, and were brawling to come back home to these hotties!
Serviced Like a Samurai
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:02

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Mashiro Airi

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