Do you know about selfies? Well, since you are a technology geek (kind of) interested in modern technologies like virtual reality porn, you probably do, but lets get to them for a minute, okay? These self made photos are one of the biggest things of our generation, being uploaded in millions of copies every day to every social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. We tend to make thousands of these photos every year – oh, wait a minute, do we? To be honest it is one of those things that is being popular amongst all those young pussies, and not in between the manly men watching VR Bangers VR Porn productions. And what if such lame photos could actually make one of your biggest fantasies come true? Such things could only happen in our immersive Virtual Reality Porn movies, sograb your VR headset on and get yourself all sucked into this scene!Today you are trapped in a room with two horny lesbians, Nikky Dream and Vanessa Decker wearing hot lingerie. This itself is like making your dreams come true already, but it is only gonna get better with time. The girls start off by being flirty and taking selfies of themselves – and this is exactly the connection with the aforementioned topic – but soon these two babes got horny out of sudden and just can not keep their hands off each other. The two girls enjoy giving some wet orgasms to themselves with fingering, facesitting, pussy licking, and other XXX acts that we all love to watch. It is the kind of thing that every guy has dreamed of seeing and now through VR Porn videos like this one, you could feel like you have actually been there with them. These lesbian orgasms will take you to the new heights, so expect the unexpected and have fun!
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:00

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Nikky Dream / Vanessa Decker

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