Preppin For a Date


Preppin For a DatePreppin For a DatePreppin For a DatePreppin For a DatePreppin For a Date
Do you know rule number one of dating? Never go on a first date with pent up sexual cravings! Its always best to jerk off before leaving you place, because if you will not do it, you will most likely keep thinking about banging your date instead of focusing on her personality and character. Victoria P, blonde VR Porn star working with VR Bangers, learned her lesson long time ago, and now she knows well how to handle such situations. Now, as soon as she puts on her sheer white nylons and her makeup, she is always careful to take care of her feminine urges by working up an orgasm as part of per pre-date preparation ritual. Just few minutes of intensive masturbation and shes ready to go, and such dates are better than any of all the previous ones – even those from the Virtual Reality Porn! Playing with her pussy and leaking a few droplets of cum giving her the confidence and calmness to go meet her man without those anxious feelings of having to find out whether he is interested in taking her home tonight. That way shes way more careful and observant and she can clearly decide if the guy is deserves to be given a chance, or not. Of course any man would be thrilled to have a chance to bang Victoria P, but that’s the price she pays for choosing to married men as often as she does. Many ladies have similar taste, because such men are way more experienced an they know how to treat their women right. You are married but you dont want to cheat on your wife? No problem! Simply join Victoria in this VR Porn video while she is pleasuring herself just for you, and your wife will never know that youve gotten yourself in a mood with VR Bangers!
Preppin For a Date
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:01

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Victoria P

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