Precious Package


Precious PackagePrecious PackagePrecious PackagePrecious PackagePrecious Package
It sucks when you are ordering something online, then you are waiting for your parcel to be delivered for many days, and when the package is finally here it turns out that… you have been sent something different – right? Such situations unfortunately happen from time to time, and since one of them has appeared in our latest teen VR porn video called the Precious Package – inside of which, for the needs of this VR porn fantasy, you will become a delivery guy – it is almost your duty to make up for this mistake and try to fix the problem with everything you have got. And what is this bad situation about, precisely? Well… Gianna Gem, an incredibly hot brunette VR porn star has just recently ordered a gigantic dildo online and she was waiting for its’ delivery for the last couple of days. When you have finally arrived to her and were about to present her that super-important parcel, it turned out that the size of her vibrator has been chosen inappropriately and that she has been given a rubber dick few sizes smaller than it was supposed to be. Since her pussy requires a really big cock to satisfy her urges and give her a strong, wet orgasm, such a tiny fake schlong is far from being good enough for her – and since she thinks that it was all your fault and wants to file a complaint on you to your boss, you have to do whatever it takes to change her mind and make up for the mistake that has been made. Get your dick out and your VR goggles on to try your luck inside of this 6K UHD VR porn scene – and remember to give it all when fucking Gianna, as even though she is so young, she is really requiring when it comes to quality of her sexual encounters!
Precious Package
Release Date: 2019-05-14 02:00:13

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Gianna Gem

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