Pole Dancer


Pole DancerPole DancerPole DancerPole DancerPole Dancer
Did you know that pole dancing has become extremely popular lately? They say that this is one of the best methods to build your muscles and get in shape, yet it is rather reserved for the women only – which is really sad for most of the VR Bangers members, as even though we do have some female viewers, most of you guys are males. But maybe this is even better? This way we are getting an extra excuse for just sitting in our chairs with the VR goggles on our heads while watching these sexy babes dancing on the pole in the VR Porn movies. So… are you ready for a private striptease? In this Virtual Reality Porn scene Nadia Jay will dance on a pole especially for you, twirling in her white lingerie, while her long dark hair will be swinging around. Even though she has given a lot of lap dances to many men, straddling their waists as she pulls her bra down to expose her pierced nipples, this is the personal one dedicated only to the most devoted VR Bangers fans. While the girl is standing back up, she will shake her ass in your face, letting you push one finger into her wet pussy, making her moan with pleasure. She will grind against your hand, shivering as arousal races through her, while squeezing her pert, round breasts. As Nadia bends over, she spreads her cheeks to expose her wet pussy and plunges two fingers inside of her body for as long as she finally will shake with an orgasm. This babe will take you beyond everything you have ever imagined in one of the sexiest VR Porn videos we have ever made! Strap your VR headset on and watch it today to join the exclusive Nadias fan club through VR Bangers membership.
Pole Dancer
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:55:59

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Nadia Jay

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