My Teachers Daydreams


My Teachers DaydreamsMy Teachers DaydreamsMy Teachers DaydreamsMy Teachers DaydreamsMy Teachers Daydreams
Have you ever heard about daydreaming? Well, supposedly it feels like you are in the middle of your dream, when in fact you are doing all these things in the real life, not being able to receive any signals from the people around you. Sure, you can be awaken from such a state, but it is apparently very dangerous to do such a thing, and it can permanently damage the brain of a daydreamer. In this VR Porn movie you will find your very hot teacher, Aizawa Haruka, daydreaming in the middle of a private lesson between you two – she will think that you are her husband and since she is in the erotic mood, she will attempt to fuck you like you have really been the lucky guy! Well, you did not have an opportunity to marry this gorgeous Japanese VR Porn star, but indeed you are a luckster, since you can fuck her today with no remorse and guilty conscience. It would not be wise to wake her up now, as aforementioned, it is very dangerous to do so, so you have to “flow with the wave” and let her do anything she wants to you and your increasingly harder dick. It turns out that her partner loves to watch her masturbate, as she begins with a long demonstration of her skills of touching herself, but you do not mind as it only makes you even tougher. She is a good wife and she knows that no sex should begin without a good and long blowjob, as she kneels in front of you to give you head and moisten your cock with her saliva so it would fit her coochy even better. Want to know what happens next in this VR Porn fantasy? Wear your VR goggles and find out for yourself!
My Teachers Daydreams
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:02

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Aizawa Haruka

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