The Dr. Knows Exactly What You Need!


Katie Morgan is a smoking hot psychiatrist and one of the best in the business. Katie loves working with you and seems to always go the extra mile. Today is a bit different though. Instead of meting you as she usually does in her office, she is having you stop by her house. Katie Morgan looks as sexy as ever with her beautiful blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and perfectly toned body. After giving you the usual counseling session Katie seems to be prescribing something different. Katie Morgan feels like you have been suffering from less social interaction and sexual attention. She strongly feels like medication is not whats needed here. What Katie wants to give you is what she can tell youve been craving most. Some incredible sex with a woman who knows how to please a man. She wants to suck the depression right out of your hard cock. This will be one counseling session you will never forget… READ LESS

Release Date: 2020-08-26 / 12:11
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Date: November 8, 2022
Performers: Katie Morgan

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