Shes in charge


Shes in chargeShes in chargeShes in chargeShes in chargeShes in charge
After you came back home, at this very ordinary afternoon, everything seems normal excluding your lovely girlfriend who looks really nervous today. Something is obviously going on as she just can not look directly in your eyes and is avoiding any form of contact with you. What could possibly happen? Did you miss your anniversary of forgot about her birthday? Nah, everything looks just fine, so what could it be… Some time later she just can not stand this awkward silence anymore and has something she wants to talk with you about. It turns out that she has crashed your car… again! You kept promising yourself that you will not get angry on her, but this is not the first time and it is really hard to keep your nerves in check, as you keep telling her to drive more safely for both your cars and her safety. What could you two possibly do now? Well, there is nothing better than the make up sex, and VR Bangers know that perfectly, which is exactly what is going to happen in this VR Porn fantasy. It is not gonna be just another vanilla fucking, as today she is in charge and wants to show you that even though she fucked up, you simply can not be mad at her because everyone makes mistakes and it was not her fault. Have you ever had fantasies about rough sex, and been thinking about dirty, naughty things? Things you were laughing at the high school but now seem way more interesting? Barbara Bieber wants to actually do those things with you, and it is not funny anymore! She will give you the time of your life full of hardcore sex, facesitting, deep throating and playing with cum, so join this Virtual Reality Porn video for some naughty front row action!
Shes in charge
Release Date: 2018-07-03 02:56:00

Date: October 29, 2022
Performers: Barbara Bieber

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